The legendary Spanish architectural team led by Rafael Llamazares and Joaquin Torres have been designing some of the world's most admired villas for over 20 years. At the outset their style was essentially modernist in outlook, influenced by Le Corbusier and Paulson amongst others, but in recent years it has become more and more typified by a vibrant, dynamic and ultimately passionate sculptural expressionism. The villas typically have strong, imposing exteriors with equally powerful interiors of rare and scintillating style and beauty.

A-cero's work is always imbued with spirit, panache and a kind of magic best represented by the Spanish term 'duende'. The word expresses those qualities of mythical and magical fervor, fire, avidity and intensity that so informs their output. This is simply architecture expressed as truly great art. Their output is atmospheric and increasingly occupies a place at which brutalism meets incandescent beauty and passionate exoticism. It exudes brilliant theatricality and presence.