Marcel Wanders has rightfully become one of the emperors of contemporary design. His work is at once ethereal and magical, highly ornate to a point where it has pronounced overtones of the baroqque, yet it remains completely a la mode. It delights and uplifts one into a wonderful space and represents perhaps the epitome of beauty.Wanders was born in Boxtel in the Netherlands in 1963. He attended the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem in 1988 and opened his studio in 1995. The next year his 'Knotted Chair' design garnered world attention and since then his work his furniture and other products have found their way into the collections of dozens of museums worldwide. His hotel, corporate and residential design is legion and his current reputation is such that Wanders has been referred to as the 'Lady Gaga' of design by the New York Times.

Wanders has more-or-less singlehandedly ushered in a new age in decorative art. His work is lyrical, unashamedly romantic, whimsical yet deeply soulful, lyrical, visionary,utopian and utterly beautiful. He lifts you up and places you in a joyful outer world that cannot not but foster its reflection in one's inner existence. On one level he has concocted a return to embellishment but in no way can his work be said to be in any way, shape or form traditionalist. He has somewhat miraculously blended all that is worthwhile about modernism into a new, exciting all-embracing visual idiom. His work is full of unadulterated spiration and pure delight.