There are but a handful of architects in Los Angeles who are somehow able both to aggregate and epitomize in perfect form all the spirit and style of the classic West Coast 20th and 21st century villa. Barrett is a case in point.

Barrett began his interest in architecture early. At 12 he was drawing floor plans and at 14 he was subscribed to Architectural Digest. It's this imbibing of the content and spirit of so much contemporary architecture that so informs both his exteriors and interiors.

His language is very informed by mid-century modernism but imbued with the luxuriance and elegance that harks back to the 1920s and 1930s. This permeates both the exteriors and the interiors. The upshot is irresistible , urbane, and deeply satisfying. There's all the elegance of a bygone age here. The properties are at once distinguished, graceful, chic and polished whilst managing to be entirely contemporary.