Wildly exciting and radical, yet very much somehow representing a continuity of the great modernist LA tradition, Ameen Ayoub is very much a new star in Hollywood's architectural pantheon. His work is marked by incredible boldness and yet it has an innate sensitivity, sensuality and delicacy to it. Ideal for transposition to the hills of Cyprus, Ameen's sophisticated and beautiful forms are also at once immensely livable and environmentally conscious.

Ameen Ayoub

There is a wonderful yin yang of opposites that gives these structures their endearing appeal. and wow factor.

Ayoub's architecture shimmies and shines but there's tremendous depth and gravitas behind the outward expression. It plays artfully and knowingly with simple shapes in complex patterns, beautifully tracing and expressing the line of the hillsides in which it stands.

Despite it having been over a decade since he set up Ameen Ayoub Design Studio, Ayoub is still regarded as one of the new overnight successes of the Southern California design scene. Ameen studied for his undergraduate degree in architecture at Baylor University in Texas before taking a masters at Washington University in St Louis. This was followed by a stint with Gehry & Partners, where he participated in the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim project.

Ameen is very much looking forward to gaining an overseas commission as he has been almost entirely involved in building bespoke villas in the greater Los Angeles area until now. His villa style jibes beautifully with the Cyprus topography and his buildings would like entirely spectacular in the Cyprus milieu.