Steve Hermann is a Hollywood institution. The self-taught architect, interior designer as well as furniture and product designer has created homes for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Vera Wang, Frankie Munoz and Courtney Cox among others.

Hermann's intensely beautiful villas bring with them a classic touch. He is very influenced by mid-century California modernism but his study of architecture and design has been so deep and intense that he brings a huge amount of knowledge, resources and experience to the table vis a vis every project.

Each structure makes a brilliant play on a well-known idiom and each is entirely unique in and of itself, be it his famous glass pavilion, which serves as his personal residence, or the legendary Haynes House, which has created a current LA vernacular.

Hermann has an uncanny knack of designing homes that are classics but somewhat understated as well. They are designed first and foremost to be retreats: extremely comfortable and nurturing residences emphasizing optimal practicality and livability.

The villas are quietly beautiful, commodious, family-friendly and welcoming. It's this superb ability to take a suburban form and make an absolute classic out of it that endears him to his patrons. We are delighted to have this extremely talented 'go-to' architect to the stars on the Cyprus Villa Project.