Elegantly simple, refined and playful, the Manser Practice is the torchbearer for the superb and still, sadly, undervalued tradition of the British modernist villa. Jonathan Manser, son of the late, great Michael Manser, together with partners Barry Mullin, Guy Barlow and Barbara Storey steer the company ship in a way that perfect honors and compliments his father's brilliance and foresight. The company has recently been responsible for a string of major corporate projects that span the globe from hotels and leisure complexes to civic, mixed use, educational and commercial buildings.

Manser Houses are classics each and every one. They manage to retain their minimalist aspect and inherent spaciousness whilst remaining playful, warm, endearing and welcoming. They also reek of style with Manser's savvy interior design abilities kicking in such as that the interiors are as striking and inimitable as the gorgeous exteriors.

There is always an artful usage of materials, be they wood or stone and each house is exquisitely designed and crafted. These houses are superbly ensconced in their surrounding landscapes. They are imbued with a soft and gentle character and an off-the-scale aesthetic.