Horst Architects

Horst and Ariana Noppenberger and their Laguna Beach, California team design some of the most strikingly impressive, voluptuous, refined, sophisticated and scintillating homes of our time.

There's one thing that immediately stands out in any Horst villa: it exudes a rich, almost baroque splendor and a palatial quality that emanates from a superbly developed aesthetic sensibility that is deeply rooted in the architectural canon, albeit the work is modernist in outlook. Horst villas have a rich theatricality and presence with rich, powerful exteriors and interiors which are at once heart rendingly beautiful and homely,

They are also deeply connected with their sites and designed to rigorously high ecological standard.

They function wonderfully as elegant cocoons for their owners, being at once glamorous, exciting yet entirely practical and ecologically sensitive. One always feels that Noppenberger villas will be seen as seminal examples of early 21st century architecture. These are brilliant and sympathetic homes to which their owners become incredibly attached.