Brion Jeannette Architecture

Brion Jeannette and his wife and business partner Bonnie head up a brilliantly talented California practice that wonderfully renders a wide variety of architectural styles and is consumate master of them all. That said, the studio justly famous for its storybook style buildings. This is a uniquely Californian style which gives a slightly magical, mystical and theatrical take on a variety of architectural idioms. That is unlikely to be the focus in Cyprus where their skill and alacrity in designing modernist and classical structures will no doubt come more into play. Such structures have become famous in the architectural lexicon, particularly Portabello, Brion's superb Corona Del Mar estate which is one of the most incredible and frequently referenced homes in the US today. In whatever idion, Brion Jeannette produces thrilling exteriors and interiors, all marked by theatrical flare, superb color sense and beautiful finishes.

A real hallmark of this company which was established as far back as 1974, is its emphasis on environmentalism. The buildings are designed with energy efficiency and efficacy,, sensitivity to the topology and many other factors in mind. This is a longstanding preoccupation, so much so that Brion was called on to draft the state's energy codes by the California State Energy Commission in the mid 70's.

Jeannette takes recourse to a huge architectural palette. Aside from this, his work is extremely client focused and every resource in his armory is used to fashion a property around the personality, needs and aspirations of the client.

The company is able to superbly originate and develop a wide range of stunningly original, impactful and very beautiful properties.

Please note that all architectural projects in Cyprus conducted by overseas architects also require the services of a locally qualified architect of record/executive architect.