Webber Studio +

Webber, who set up his Austin, Texas practice in 1997, consummately weaves together a number a number of key architectural traditions and vernaculars to design highly engaging, attractive and exceptionally designed homes.

Webber's work stems from four core values: functionalism, expressionism, minimalism and regionalism. As such, he begins each project not so much from stylistic considerations but from fundamentals that stress the best possible usage of the site, that suggest an architectural language that best expresses the nature of the site and its surroundings and then towards the best possible exploitation of the site towards the needs of the client.

However, what emerges is incredibly beautiful and that talent and ability just seems innate to Webber. The expressionism is palpable as the houses are marked by a consummate and brilliant artistic flair There's a wonderful animated quality to his work as expressed by both the exteriors and the interiors. The villas are rich with effortless style, craftsmanship and colour and are typically warm, nurturing and homely. This is superbly balanced and beautiful architecture supremely suited to a Cyprus setting.