Meyer Davis

The now legendary New York City architectural and interior design of WIll Meyer and Gray Davis is all about the stylish, the story-telling, the natty, the elegant and the chic. The companywas founded in 1999 and has never looked back. Although the company have become giants of the hotel, restaurant, retail and restaurant sectors, they have produced a small number of superb residences to international critical acclaim, residences which are imbued with the selfsame characteristic chic and panache that informs the rest of their output.

Meyer Davis have so for designed for Le Meridien, Paramount, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, W Hotel, Loews and more. Their interior designs grace the stores of Oscar de la Renta and John Varvatos as well as fabled restaurants such Vacluse, Boqueria and The Wayfarer.

As stated, Meyer Davis Villas share much of the theatricality and wow factor. warmth, opulence and panache that characterizes the entire sum of their output.

If one were to look for themes in their work, it would be their ingenious eye for that juncture where excitement meets cultured and cosmopolitan refinement, where brashness meets understatement and where showmanship meets quiet intimacy and reflection. Their stunningly beautiful spaces speak to you somehow: they are alive as the story is told with a myriad of stunning resolutions of colour, shade, light and space. Everything dances and yet in way that sufficiently muted to focus on the viewer as subject.

Their villas are like gems, with tons of lovely quirky touches and superb sumptuous decor, designed exquisitely and with Swiss like workmanship around the tastes, predilections and requirements of the patron. These are superb abodes from a stellar design team of great international stature.