KZ Architecture in Miami designs homes of splendid architectural beauty and merit. villas that display a pronounced artistic bent but also that represent a profound philosophy and understanding of ecology and sustainability.

Jaya kader was born in Costa Rica and first studied art and architectural history at Brandeis University where she graduated in 1984 before obtaining an M. Arch from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 1988. She then went on to work at the studios of Robert Stern, Moshe Safdie and Graham Gund before founding KZ Architecture

Her approach is at once incredibly client centered and ecological with a view to building a house that is supremely responsive to its site and climactic conditions and that is passive in terms of its energy requirements. Whilst being ideally practical and energy-saving, Jaya's villas are optimally gorgeous. Her rich knowledge of art and interior design really comes to the fore. Her villas exude a kind of zen quality, one of a splendid of a splendid and utterly beautiful sanctuary. Her work is ideally suited to the climate and conditions of Cyprus and one feels that she is going to do superb work within this milieu.