Whitney Sander's life-filled buildings will no doubt be looked back as some of the most beautiful, most seminal and most innovative architecture of the early 21st century. His work is full of poetry, magic and strength.

It emanates from a broadly American modernist aesthetic but adds a superb sculptural quality that harmoniously and seamlessly integrates a variety of organic and other vernaculars, so you can see in Sander's work a poetic confluence or crucible from which a singular architectural style wonderfully emerges.

No architect goes quite so far into the profession, the character and personality of their patron, their families, their pets, to fashion houses that add a completely new meaning to the term tailor-made.

Sander's work fuses prefabricated and standard building techniques to produce extremely high quality buildings and this gels nicely with the approach we are taking in Cyprus. He designs truly exceptional homes, all inimitable one-offs, which owe their beauty and majesty a heightened artistic sensibility, a sense of the adventurous and a broad and incisive vision.