Antonio Zaninovic

The architecture of Antonio Zaninovic exudes elegance, refinement, cultivation, artistry and charm. Zaninovic, although he works in a vernacular that is entirely contemporary, manages to suffuse his villas with all the gentility and finesse of a past era. There's a certain grace and bygone elegance to those houses that makes them immensely attractive, endearing and reassuring. This is the work of somebody deeply rooted in the history of particularly 20th century architecture and interior design. It informs a treasure chest of resources, one with which Zaninovic makes expert use.

These houses are glistening gems with interiors as stupifying-ly gorgeous as the elegant and understated exteriors. The villas are not so much opulent as gracious as they are in fact quite minimalist, although they are never sparse. They exhibit a quiet, cultivated, sophisticated tastefulness and refinement and a soft and endearing urbanity and cultivation. There's an almost mesmerizing Mozartian brilliance and elegance to Zaninovic's architectural output. One doesn't want to add or subtract anything. Everything cadences effortlessly. These are quite, quite wonderful homes, entirely modern but just with that soupcon of sheer class and rapturous gorgeousness from a bygone age of elegance.