Studio Arquitectos is an award-winning studio that creates very endearing, unique and beautiful structures which are at once soulful and scintillatingly dramatic. Based in Tulum, Mexico, their buildings are set apart by their wonderful dimensionality, rich textures and highly expressive language.

The team are masterful in their application of materials and textures and the upshot is some very picturesque, animated structures that paint theatrically with color and form with a very baroque sensibility. The villas are inherently romantic and picturesque, but within a decidedly contemporary idiom. Perhaps what makes them so outstanding is that they manage to bring a real Latin romance to modern structures in a way that is both delightful and intriguing.

One really marvels at what this very talented team headed up by Eduardo Garcia could produce by way of a Mediterranean villa. They have an acute understanding of how to to fuse interior and exterior space, garden with building, light and shade and there's a real interest in their part in terms of studying historical building vernaculars in Cyprus and within the wider Mediterranean region to fashion a number of truly outstanding and seminal villa designs.