Guz Architects

Guz Architects is a Singapore-based architectural practice headed up by Englishman Guz Wilkinson. Guz and his team create an eastern elysium with each villa they design. They are sublimely beautiful, ecologically sensitive villas that blend effortlessly with their surroundings.

Guz villas are informed by age old principles and precepts of form and space. The houses are placed in wonderful gardens spaces, garnished by fountains and pools.

There is a seamless connection between the property and the natural environment. Occidental and oriental forms meld, with a nod to the work of Charles Rene Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright.

There is something marvelously spiritual, uplifting, sensuous and soothing about every Guz home. They are each one seminal and full of gravitas in their beauty and serenity. The craftsmanships and design skill engendered in the process is quite breathtaking with exquisite detailing and superb treatments of glass, wood and stone.

Wilkinson is particularly keen to create this same elision of built form and nature within a Mediterranean setting in Cyprus. Given the verdant subtropical vegetation that characterizes particularly the Paphos region, this is a beguiling prospect indeed.