Arizona native Kevin B Howard designs sophisticated, sculptural, spacious and sustainable homes that are at once both grand and intimate. These 21st century palaces makes for ideal, comfortable homes for any lifestyle, be that entertaining, for family living or as an inspired backdrop for an art collection. They manage to combine an element of glamour with their being ultimately homely and cocooning.

Each house is designed very much with the client's lifestyle and personality in mind. Also, the structure and placement are tailored with huge prescience to the topography of atmosphere of the site.

Howard is also a master of utilizing local materials to best effect. Rich stone, marble and wooden finishes abound, all chosen by the eye of a superb aesthete and craftsman.

The houses have a masculine bearing but are also acutely feminine and it's that wonderful interplay between these opposing aspects, that essential yin yang balance that is so masterful and gives these superb cavernous spaces so much of their charm and likability

Strangely enough, this is a vernacular that can easily transpose from Arizona as Cyprus is rural and mountainous just outside of all her cities. The notion of the homestead is an interesting one to consider in this context.

These are exquisite houses and we very much look forward to the participation of Kevin and his practice on some projects in Cyprus