Dan Brunn has become one of Los Angeles' most famous and in demand architects. He produces buildings of huge presence and beauty and his stunning exteriors are matched by his enticing interiors and furniture designs. Classics such as his iconic Zigzag House and Flip-flop House grace magazines and blogs worldwide.

Dan was born in Israel and migrated to the US with has family aged seven. His Tel Aviv childhood left two distinct influences that were to shape his adult career. The first was Tel Aviv''s unique Bauhaus inheritance. His impressions of Tel Aviv's beautiful and historic White City, the world's largest collection of Bauhaus structures and a UNESCO Heritage Site greatly inform his work today. The other childhood influence was a near obsession with Lego!

Before establishing Dan Brunn Architecture in 2005, he received a BA in architecture from the University of Southern California in 2001.. followed by a masters at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2005. He has also taught at the Masters' Studio of the Boston Architectural Center, at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and at the USC School of Architecture,

His practical experience was garnered at John Friedman Alice Kim Architects where he derived a lot of critical acclaim for his work as project architect on the Los Angeles Design Center.

Brunn's buildings are hugely sympathetic to their sites with superb treatment of light and space. They reflect the clean lines, pastel demeanor and minimalistic simplicity of Bauhaus-inspired transplants well to Cyprus, where Bauhaus and Deco structures actually developed under British administration in the 1930s, beginning with construction of the now sadly demolished Nicosia General Hospital.

Brunn's architectural canvas has now branched out considerably into more futuristic and adventurous forms such as the Fold Up House and the Bridge House. However, the same general principles underlie these buildings. Form is vital. Mechanicals are deftly hidden and never intrude on the sculptural integrity of the building in which function is enveloped but also followed by form.

There's a wonderful and uplifting quality to Brunn's work. It is artistic, playful and joyfully urbane.

The whole Mediterranean and Levantine aspect and climate of Cyprus makes for a perfect foil for Dann Brunn's very charming, alluring and joyful architecture. It's a milieu in which he feels acutely at home. and we feel sure that he will produce some of his best work here.