GRBX Arquitetos

The GRBX team of architects, designers and technicians is currently led by Gustavo Arbex who graduated in 2002 from FAU_FAAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The design practice was established in 2004 with a number of signature projects along contemporary architectural lines, characterized by personalized design approaches and informed by smart constructive solutions.

Passionate about design challenges, Arbex has acquired an eye for architectural detail which has accumulated by virtue of his involvement in over 2,00,000 sq m of projects ranging from single family and multiple unit residences to health centres, sports facilities and warehouses.

GRBX build beautiful, expansive and comfortable modernist villas which are characterized by a wonderful admix between functionality and warmth.

Their work is typified by an ingeniously rich, varied and imaginative use of materials, be that concrete, wood or stone. The buildings are animated and colorful but also highly refined and elegant with a superb admix of shared and private space. Arbex also plays beautifully with light and shade.

In addition much thought goes into to effective thermal management..

Ultimately, these are expansive, grand, impressive homes but at the same time they exude a Latin warmth and friendliness and are designed above all for comfortable living.

In this project, Gustavo will be working with friend and colleague, Fernando Ghelfi.

Gustavo Arbex

Fernando Ghelfi

Fernando is a registered Brazilian architect who graduated in 2002 and who moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2005. He has resided in Australia ever since,

Currently a senior project leader at a large Australian architectural firm, he has previously worked for several architectural practices of varying sizes and has been exposed to a wide variety of project typologies, both in Australia and in his native Brazil.

With more than thirteen years of experience as a full-time architect, he boasts comprehensive knowledge of single and multi-residential development as well as having worked on a number of health-related design projects in the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

Contributing to the Cyprus Villa Project is an occasion for fruitful collaboration as these two lifelong friends to join forces once again under the auspices of GRBX Architectural Studio with the aspiration of designing a range of exquisite architectural masterpieces.

NB: all international architects working on the project in Cyprus will combine forces with local architects of record in compliance with the requirements of Cypriot law.