SAOTA, which is an acronym for Stefan Antoni, Olmesdahl, Truen Architects. has become one of the most coveted and celebrated architectural firms worldwide in recent years, particularly in terms of their capacity to design superb luxury villas. They are very prolific and their reach now extends right across the globe and far from their base in Cape Town, South Africa.

Stefan Antoni obtained his B Arch from the University of Cape Town in 1985 and two years later set up his own practice. The studio typically designs villas which are expansive and incredibly livable with a superb interplay between outside and inside spaces. Their architecture is unashemedly contemporary but quite decorative in nature, emphasizing textured surfaces and often exhibiting rich exterior and interior patterning. There's always a wonderful gilded quality to the work. SAOTA are wizards in their capacity to play with light.

The practice is also as revered for its tasteful and voluptuous interior ,lighting and furniture design as for their architecture. This enables SAOTA to put together superb, integrated and holistic aesthetics.

As well as being singularly beautiful, their architecture is at once geared to the highest environmental standards and each villa is designed to brilliantly express the topography and atmosphere of its site. Placement is very important and given tremendous care and attention. Often the design of the villa will take very subtle cues from the topography and vegetation that surrounds it.

Although the company designs a large variety of properties from hotels to offices, retail and civic buildings, SAOTA is in many ways the most coveted and profilic of all villa architects in the world today. Their villas are at once bold, dazzling, august and poetic whilst simultaneously feeling remarkably homelike and snug.

SAOTA designs villas sparkling with elan and style: The design is at once cand classically tasteful as timelessly chic. They are modern classics all.