Erik Evens is a superbly talented California architect whose inspiration is drawn from classic Mediterranean traditions, be they Italian, French, Spanish or Moroccan. His buildings are ravishing representations of these styles, full of exquisite detailing and craftsmanship.

Erik graduated from California Polytechnic State University and joined KAA in 1998. His original intent was to major in fine art but a course on the California architecture with Thomas Hines persuaded him that his vocation was to be architecture. He developed a strong interest in classical design precepts and spent some time working at Marc Appleton's studio before finding a position at KAA. Evens Architects functions as an independent unit within KAA that specializes in traditional architectural styles.

Although inspired by classical precepts, the houses are deeply modern and leading edge in their functionality. However, this wonderful eye is able to create structures, deeply engaged with their environments and in a multiplicity of idioms. What's fascinating here is that Erik is open to using as inspiration some of the great houses of Cyprus, such as the House of Hadigeorgakis Kornesios or the Dervish Pasha Mansion. Although Venetian and other styles do work well within a Cyprus context, and indeed Cyprus has historical examples of Venetian architecture from its time under Venetian rule, there are several distinctly local idioms and vernaculars, particularly those of the great merchant house, that almost demand a contemporary interpretation. Whatever the style, Erik's villas are simply gorgeous and the prospect of his working here is an extremely exciting one.