Graham Architecture

Carlton Graham's Newport Beach, California, practice designs some of the most quietly sophisticated, tastefully voluptuous villas imaginable. He produces classic, dignified and timeless exteriors and some of the most ethereally beautiful interiors to the extent where it is befuddling that he is not one of the most adulated designers globally. The interiors are masterpieces of color and texture, uplifting and profoundly relaxing. This is color sense such as one rarely experiences. The work, both inside and out, is defined by its gorgeous surfaces and tactile aspect. The work is defined by its wonderful balance and its ability to be at once ravishing and understated.

Graham, who graduated in architecture from the University of Texas and who worked originally with Frank Israel and Mark Mack, has been practicing architecture for over 20 years now. His work can be in a variety of architectural styles although all the works are characterized by the same stringent attention to detail, outstanding materials, perfect treatments of color, form and texture both inside and out and an almost religious devotion and psychic attunement to manifesting the vision and aspirations of the client.