New Zealand native Geoff Sumich produces fantastic, exciting, inimitable designs which form a perfect symbiosis between the modern and the romantic. The Southern California based architect poet par excellence is an expressionist who borrows significantly from the past in so far as his work is both extremely expressive and decorative. However, it can in no way be described as traditionalist. He spent years designing traditional style properties and what he is ingeniously able to do is to garner that experience to summon in the richness and the romance of premodernist architectural styles and idioms into a beautiful contemporary context. His villas have an immense beauty, opulence and presence.

There's a strong grounding in the California tradition. The houses have a very glamorous, almost sepia flavor to them whilst at the same time remaining contemporary and cutting edge. Geoff oversees every aspect of the process right through the interior design and that bespeaks the very individual nature of each property, which comes out of a deep consultation and appreciation of his clients. Geoff has engendered his very own age of elegance within a contemporary milieu and that is I think a fitting testament to his brilliance as an architect and interior designer.