Although the Cyprus Villa project brings in architects from all over the world, it must not be forgotten that some of the world's greatest villa architecture emanates from a very talented coterie of local Cypriot professionals.

Vakis Associates is a firm that has engendered worldwide acclaim for its work, notably with respect to the Art Collector's House, which is a modern classic.

This very talented multidisciplinary team, which spans to gamut from architecture to interior, industrial, car and product design is led by Vassas Hadjikyriacos and his son Victor.

Hadjikyiracos studied in the UK, beginning with a foundation courst in art and design at the North London Polytechnic. This was followed on by a BA in interior design at the Middlesex Polytechnic and a BA in architecture at the Royal College of Art.

Son Victor studied architecture at University College London and both father and son are associates of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The studio doesn't hold itself to one architectural style and has produced some simply stunning buildings in more traditional Cypriot and Mediterranean styles, notably the Polyan House in Prastio and the Villa Recevizi in Montenegro. These join an array of modern classics such as the Civil Engineer's House, the Art Collector's House and the Panoramic House.

These are stunning villas all and of course, the interior design, something for which this firm is justly famous in Cyprus, is also superb.

Vakis Associates produces both exteriors and interiors which are cultivated, beautiful and uplifting. Their depth of experience globally is such that designing a house with them is an engaging and exciting experience and we heartily look forward to working with them on a variety of projects.