The miraculous splendor of TADA's villas is to be found in their ability to express a sweet, bucolic simplicity and at the same time to absolutely reek of urban sophistication.

They fit extremely becomingly in a rural setting and it's rare to find a modern farmhouse vernacular that is as alluring as this. One knows that they will have an enduring charm.

TADA is essentially a full design/build company that was founded in New York by Tim Dumbleton and in that time has designed and developed close to a billion dollars worth of real estate in the New York area. As such, they usually are responsible for large corporate projects but they also design stunning and very seminal one-off villas.

Tim took his BA at the University of Pennsylvania and then an M Arch at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. This was followed by periods at Young Woo & Associates, at TEN Arquitectos in Mexico City and in New York and also at Skidmore Owings and Merrill.

TADA has a miraculous ability to create buildings entirely in sync with their environs. It looks as if they have always been there. There's a certain lightness, effervescence and simple poise to them, and Dumbleton is able to gracefully play with aspects of proportionality and space to produce the most pleasing of outcomes. These are classic and seminal houses, elegant, refined and beautiful, and it only remains to see what magic that TADA will pull off in terms of creating superb homes within the context of the beautiful Cyprus landscape.