Jacop Mascheroni's fabulous, groundbreaking villas are suave, winsome, minimalist works of art. However there's nothing at all austere about them. In fact, quite the contrary: they are each and every one equally beautiful, sympathetic, fantastically livable spaces with an elegant and refined, albeit hugely exiting aspect and demeanor. They are nothing of not quintessentially Italian in their elan and flair.

There are four guiding qualities or principles that lie at the fulcrum of Mascheroni's approach, these being simplicity, coherence, clarity and harmony.

Jacopo was born in 1974 and studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and the Ecole d'Architecture Paris, Belleville before rounding out his studies at the University of California at Berkeley. He then went on to work with Sidney Saitowitz at Natoma Architecture in San Francisco before a move to New York to join Richard Meier and Partners. At Richard Meier he worked as general manager of the award winning Jesolo Lido Village Project amongst others. Mascheroni then returned to Italy where he founded JM Architecture in 2005.