Legendary Miami architect Rene Nonzalez produces mesmerizing, dynamic and delightful structures that display a huge affinity with their environs and have the ability to stimulate, to sooth and to delight. His is a unique and classic take on the Floridian architectural vernacular with a slight nod to the 20th century but also a large dollop of the 21st. His work exhibits a number of telltale markers including a huge sensuality and a superb ability with materials that give both interiors and exteriors an epic character and presence. Each project is unique and memorable and has a inimitable personality and style.

Creating a seamless and flowing interplay between both the building's interior and exterior and outside space is a very important feature in Gonzalez' work. The boundaries of the building and its outside space often seem to be somehow blurred, This makes for structures that are in conversation with their surroundings.

The buildings have a very classic feel to them but with a slightly challenging and futuristic twist. The interiors tend to be intensely poetic and expressionist with a very Latin sense of style that emphasizes passion, color, and excitement. There's a strong confluence of Bauhaus and Deco influences but they are never pastiche, being integrated rather within the ambit of Gonzalez' own architectural language.

Gonzalez' buildings just ooze chic, style and savvy. They represent the epitome of understated yet exciting taste and are ideally suited to the Mediterranean setting of Cyprus.

Gonzalez is now one of Miami and the US' most treasured and coveted architects and we are delighted to have him on board with the project