Bagnato Architecture

Dominic and Marie Bagnato both studied architecture at Melbourne University from 1987=1992 with Marie also specializing in interior design. They formed Bagnato Architecture in 2007 and in the intervening ten years have developed first a local and then an international reputation for their ability to create atmospheric, rich and beautiful homes that seamlessly blend traditional and modern styles. Their work is hallmarked by brilliant and economical use of space, a fantastic color sense employing a tendency towards rich and flavorful textures and mateirals and an ability to create environments that are at once stunning but also immensely personal and homely. They have an uncanny ability to create superb interplays between interior and exterior features and their villas make ingenious references to historical architectural idioms. They are a world class outfit whose approach is always tremendously sympathetic and anchored within the needs and aspirations of the client.

Particularly their very spectacular Borrell Street project has garnered the Bagnatos worldwide attention and acclaim. Both Marie and Dominic are very excited about the prospects for working alongside clients and a local team in Cyprus. They are a pleasure to deal with and produce some of the finest imaginable and exciting work at reasonable cost, all executed with great devotion and passion It's a wonderful creative experience leading to a spectacular outcome.